The proof is in the data, this is how our customers use smart self-service to provide better customer experiences.
  • 1/4 th reduced

    1/4th reduced turnaround time
  • 24 hours

    24 hrs account settlement
  • 1minute

    1 minute- the magic number for processing


Brief of how we solve these challenges

At Keito, we developed automation that would associate their unique frameworks, or procedure islands, into a singular mechanized start to finish work process. To give a solitary purpose of passage for this automation, a safe online interface starts the necessary action for the business process, utilizing virtual workers to perform forms at divisions' demand. The assignments are processed as every office would on the necessary frameworks, avoiding errors caused by manual entries.

Via robotizing business processes, new starters are proficiently and cost effectively coordinated into the business.

Post incorporation of the RPA, the business procedure has significantly improved asset accessibility, because of the negligible human intervention required and also decreased the requirement for re-entering of data. The need for virtual specialist framework security has been decreased exponentially.

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