Email management with an AI based 24/7 assistant

Ira – an AI Artificial Intelligence based email engine that has been developed to maintain priorities at various levels of the businesses, departments or individuals. Quick learning based on past history. It can work as a plugin within your Gmail, outlook and office 365 email clients.

Keito Intelligent email assistant

Where does Ira work best?

Enhancing the customer support, CRM Customer Relationship Management system or case management, or prioritizing the email box for managers at all levels.

Managing your inbox was never as simple as with Ira

Mails, documents, case management all organised in a few clicks

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Quick learning

Quick machine-learning based on user’s history.

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Intelligent classification

Based on email-history and unstructured priorities by user or business.

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Manage top priorities

Let's you know via preferred enterprise apps or within CRM. Customer Relationship Management

Email classifier

Classification of email

Our deep-learning techniques help find hidden patterns from your emails to get optimum output.

Incorporate your rules and emails

Ira can be trained to sort through tasks and focus on what matters the most as per your needs and priorities.

Important notifications never missed

Get timely notifications by Ira for important calls and deals, meetings and follow-ups.

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Understands emotions and sentiments

Deep context of every communication

Our engines understand and analyse human emotions and sentiments associated with every communication. This helps customers to understand and make right decisions.

Providing thoughtful inputs

Ira understands your textual conversation. Technically, it understands the intents and emotions behind the text with the help of our AI Artificial Intelligence engines. So that right information is captured.

Conventional design

Design better conversational flows for an enriching experience. Having a good memory and an interactive design can work wonders irrespective of the domain.

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Benefits for your enterprises

Did you know that mail management for any employee takes away more than half his productive time

300 +

Hours saved

Our Email Agent helps save 300+ hours p.a. turn- around time for FCR First Call Resolution , AHT Average Handle Time and ART. Average Response Time



Improve non-linear productivity of your email management by 4X. This meets customer and business needs more efficiently.

100k +


Our platform enables a single person to handle large volumes of emails. Enabling a better work-life balance.

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