Making it easier to find documents than ever before

Modern search interfaces and personalised relevance enables employees to effectively source out on premise data and improves efficiency and better decision making. Take advantage of helpful features like document content previews and intelligent keyword detection. Looking to add centralized content discovery to a high-traffic area of your virtual workplace? Flexible search APIs Application Programming Interface source information on your intranet and other employee experience platforms, giving a feel of a personal virtual assistant for everyone.

Keito Intelligent search engine

Where does Discover work best?

Contract searching, sales document searching, enhanced customer support search system, direct customer search from documents, etc...

Quick search from data mines for your critical decisions

Easy access of data scattered across different locations for improving response times

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Upload data

Upload all your data from different sources into the server.

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Verify and create tags

Verify machine generated tags for your data or use customised tags.

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Start searching

Specific data or files can be easily searched on custom search engine created.

Natural language understanding

We organise your content better

Discover is a comprehensive stack of solutions for text mining, enterprise search, content integration, governance and analytics.

Powered by machine learning

Discover utilizes machine learning to bring instant query suggestions and surface the most relevant results across different platforms.

Everything at your fingertips

Cloud Search delivers enterprise search through robust SDKs Software Development Kit and ready-to-use APIs Application Programming Interface to help you scale and index vast amounts of data from any source.

discover natural language processing

Interface all your sources

Deep context of every communication

Connect all of your common cloud source to a single search engine. Or create your own source connection in the cloud or on-premise.

Privacy and security models

Your search results reflect the security models of your organization. Granular access-level controls — including individual-level, group-level, and content-based hierarchies — help ensure that users only see the search results they should.

Trusted and proven platform

With cloud search, you get true enterprise search with speed, performance and reliability.

Sales boosting solution

The value that we offer for our customers

Ease of access to all data silos at a click with added benefits of advanced search options

Text Analysis

Unlock the true potential of your textual content using state-of-the-art Machine Learning and create expert systems to understand your context.

Content Integration

Data in any form can be brought in at one place. The Discover platform comes with plugins and adapters that seamlessly take in a variety of data and merge it to your existing content and vocabulary.

Research Management & Discovery

Researchers save a lot of time by using a variety of result analysis and advanced search options. Discover helps in saving the search. Citation view and knowledge sources will definitely keep researchers subscribed to your system.

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