Meet our CEO

We started our journey in late 2016. The name keito stuck me by shortening “keep in touch”. Keito is a japanese name, as is Toyota, a successful japanese company who grew their business with a mission to make Japan known for quality. Our mission is to make India known for its technology creators.

Amal PS

Founder & CEO keito

Open communication and free culture

We have an easy to interact atmosphere within Keito. This means we share information freely between different people irrespective of departments and areas of operation.

Cultivating happiness

Some things are not easy. To make a person happy at work is always challenging. We nurture people to grow in all dimensions of work, professional skills and personal areas of interest.

Team Building

A flat structure and an empowering culture ensures a productive work environment. Each of our goals are aligned towards growing Keito, which ensures we teach each other to raise our bars..

Our Culture is different

Innovative and Creative

We are digital thinkers, creators, designers and innovators. Don’t judge our team by the work area, years of experience or titles. We are different.


1%of the 1%

Yes, best of best. You might be wondering, why we perform the best in our areas. We have a dedicated and personalised hiring process, that ensures only like minded people start with Keito. Our acceptance rate is lower than 0.03% for the candidates.

We are hiring

We are lifelong learners. We are equal in left and right brained.

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